March 10, 2010


“Vardi Wala Gunda”, this is one of the famous novel, which I read during my school days, in which other mentioned, the various crime committed by a police man, its not a true story but see the statement of Ministry of Home Affairs(MHA), Mullappallay Rama Chandren , on Tuesday ,9th march 2010, said “ 500 officers of Delhi police had been arrested for various crimes, in the last three year”, I am thinking “ Vardi wala gunda” is the suitable title for Indian police. The minister also claimed crime committed by the police not rising & he refused to provide the details of tainted cops, according to the written reply, a copy of which is with Time City, 116 cops arrested in 2007 while in 2008, it’s increased to 251 means a huge 54% rise in crime rate, a part from this in 2009, 133 tainted cops were arrested, this is including constables & middle level officers holding the ranks of ACP & inspector, they are involved in various criminal cases like cheating, rape, murder & attempt to murder , graft charges, molestation & harassment etc. According to TOI, one of the senior police officer admitted “their might be more tainted cops inside the force” while a officer at the Vigilance wing said that “there are several others who are under temporary suspension & under going various charges leveled against them , their for not surprising rise in a coming day, police also claimed that “ they have zero tolerance against corruption & crime, the number provided by the MHA proves that " we are taking strong action against crime, claimed on the senior officer in head quarter . I have written briefly about Indian police in my article "Indian-police-responsible-for-crime" on my previous blog posting.
At last I would like to say that the growth in crime rate is nothing but the result of corrupted Indian police department. I think when keeper of laws, plays with laws, is equivalent to terrorism or betray to the nation so they should be treated like them & govt should take strong action against such corrupted police officers to make the Indian police department free from corruption because only the corruption free police can make a corruption free society & nation.


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