March 12, 2010


According to Nichole Hollander “Do you imagine the world without men? No crime & lots of happy fat women” no doubt about it to see the dishonesty & crime connection of men community, its looking like they are made for each other. You see the famous Ghotalas(scams), tainted cops, corrupt religious preachers , corrupt leaders, criminals, Maoists & terrorists, every where men community having 99% majority , they corrupted every sector of the society either its private & govt or social & religious or sports & entertainment.
As I have seen practically in life, as I have given no interviews in MNCs after my graduation, I found when ever a female HR taken my interview, I got selected when a male HR taken my interview, every time they rejected me in the first round saying some negative point, they are more interested in beauty rather than quality, when I have seen the hiring of duffer girls but they are looking like models , I think this is the main reason , that’s why MNCs faced setbacks in their business last year. 2nd thing when ever I worked under a female boss, I worked for long time without any problem & when I worked with male boss, they created an environment that I left the job with in a week, they are making conspiracy against me & giving wrong report to the senior about me, I faced such problems three times in my career while we are blaming women for making conspiracy, to see this, I came to know that a male is the murderer of a male’s career & hundred time dishonest than women, I think such corrupt people should be shoot at sight like a most wanted.
A t last I would like to say that male community is the another name of corruption, till they will not mend themselves, we will never grow like other developed countries. Remembering the saying of Sudarshan Jee Maharaj that “correct your self other wise every body will kick you” so it’s a request of mine to the corrupt male community that , please correct yourself , other wise its too late.