December 22, 2009


According to the statement of Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee while presenting the white paper in Lok shbha on Friday that" Lalu prasad claims of having turned around Indian Railways, saying it was a "statistical illusion". May be she & his white paper is right but what we have seen that no one can wrong it. You see the history of Indian Railway , every year since my childhood , I used to heard from every Railway Minister during budget session that "Indian Railway is in loss", I don't know how its happening when passengers are paying money not taking from it.
Now come to the topic, In the history of Indian Railway first time a the only minister who told in budget that" Indian Railway is in profit". He is none other then former Railway Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav. Not looking in to his back ground, being a chief minister of Bihar, what he has done for his state & about "chara gotala",because every person is like a moon & its own dark side.But I really appreciate his work to being a Railway Minister. The infrastructure of Indian Railway stations & conditions trains as well as facility provided to the passengers improved beyond expectation. As a mater of fact I use to visit Railway stations without platform ticket since my childhood but first time I given penalty during Mr Yadev's ministry.Before him Indian Railway looking like ugly beggar but Mr Yadev made Indian Railway in to a handsome rich man.
At last I would like to say starting no of trains like ladies special , youth special etc. cannot bring the development of Indian Railway but to improve the condition of trains & roots as well as facility. So respected Railway Minister in spite of concentrating on the "White paper" or Lalu Prasad Yadev, you need to concentrate on "The Development of Indian Railway".


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