December 20, 2009


Now a days corruption is the law of society. Its so easier to say politicians are corrupted & film stars are corrupted. Do we ever realized? How corrupted we are? I think never, as none of the road is dirty we people are making it. How a politician will do corruption if we will not put him in authority, going behind the false promises of political leaders we are electing the criminals & illiterate people. The fact about the good people, they will never come to you & say I am good people give me vote. In spite of this we have to go their & ask him to sit on authority. for example former President APJ Abul klam denied the candidature for President post in last election. This is our foolishness & on the other hand a good person never want to be a part of active politics because of the corruption in it. Rather than fighting election to finish corruption , a good person remains silent. This cowardliness of good people gives an opportunity to the devil people to govern our country.
Now come to the point how corruption is in ever sector of society & how we are involved in it? Lets see..How a common man is involved in corruption, When no one is watching him..
(1) Theft of Electricity (2) Utilizing the breaks,cement & send to make their home.(3) Breaking the traffic rules.(4) Traveling without ticket. (5) Making the public place untidy.(6) Misuse of public properties.(7) Not following the rules for safety(8) Showing their approach & money for a simple work.(9) Casting their votes to the criminals for benefit.(10) Not helping each other need like a person is dying inside the rode helplessly.(11) Exploiting a weak people.(12) Misuse of power.(13) Misbehave with women & not getting from public.(14) Demanding bribe in marriage & as well as for other works.(15) Dishonesty in work.
Above all actions shows the common men contribution in crime & the small crime lids to the bigger crime in future. so where citizens are corrupted how they are expecting their leader be a Saint.
At last I would like to say common people must be mend upon them self then expecting from others. According to the famous saying that" Every body wants to change the society but no body wants to change themselves". If we will change our-self society will be automatically get change.


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