December 24, 2009


I think you all have seen the film star Katrina Kaif's visit to the Ajmer shrine this year. How she appeared in "Burkha"(A fully covered dress of woman) & given her statement that " Burkha is the shine of women purity". I am asking this question to Katrina , Is she forgotten this during his first visit to the shrine when she appeared in short skirt & created a controversy. I know you are unable to answer it because this is all about for the publicity. You see before this controversy no body knows her as a popular star but through this act see got the popularity. Now come to the u turn of Katrina that she appeared in Burkha replacing short skirt. You know , why it is? This is because she heard that" Burkha" is banned by France Govt. Now she got a chance to create a another controversy to bring publicity. As exactly she visited the Ajmer shrine with fully covered dress(Burkha) & given his statement against the France Govt. Our media given her a front page publicity like a saint absolutely free. In this way she got the eye catching of Muslim community as well as others.
At last I would like to say please spare the religious shrine & don't play with the emotion of common people in the name of religion. This is to you Katrina, If you really respect women & purity than you never be a part of Bollywood.


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