December 21, 2009


I think every citizen of the world is familiar to this popular dialogue " ham santi chate hai" means " we want peace . But see ever peace established in this world , never. The cold war is still going on in between ever nation. As Indo- pak, indo-china, USA-Afghanistan, USA-Iraq, USA-South Korea etc. These are great example of cold war . In front of the world they are sowing cease fire but cold war is still on . Ever development nation giving their 60% economy behind his defense rater then development of nation.
I would like to say all of you " barood ke dher pe baith ke , shanti ki baat karne kaha tak samjdari hai" means " sitting on explosives & talking about peace , is it wisesness? Not only the developed nation but also every nation is trying to make their defence stronger then others. So it is not possible to establish peace in this world till we will not change our policy.
At last I would like to say war is the nature of human being they cant leave without war. You see the world history, uncountable wars are fought by human being. So peace is against the nature of human being then how can be " peace will establish".


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