December 13, 2009


IS USA is responsible for the increase in terrorism ?The question is difficult to understand but if we think it deeply than we will get the answer. yes,USA'S policy to finish terrorism from the world is the main reason for the increase in terrorist attacks.why the terrorist are only targeting the country like Pakistan & India this is because their good relation with USA. As "enemy friend is always enemy".
You see the history violence & war never given good result in spite of example
1-the attack of USA on Iraq to kill Sadam Hussin.finally after killing no of innocent people they able to find Sdam & punished him.
2-now us is doing the same thing to kill Osama . his drone attacks on Pakistan,Afghanistan already killed number of innocent people as result terrorist are targeted Pakistan & Killing innocent people.but still Oshama is unreachable from USA.
I am asking is this the act of wiseness to killing innocent people because of a devil only. killing innocent people like this also equivalent to realize the unbearable pain of the innocent people.its working like" fuel in fire".The result is nothing but the birth of number of Osama in every part of Afghanistan, Pakistan & INDIA.That time, what US will do?
At last I would like to say please don't miss use your power only for pride to being a powerful nation. According to Gandhi jee"An eye for an eye make everybody blind". In this way, that day is not far when the whole nation will convert to "Terrorist nation", behind their cruel policy,who lost their dear ones ,Their pain is working like a training for the victims of his attacks,To become a "TERRORIST". So please please change your policy to finish terrorism, punish the culprit not the innocent common people to save the world from terrorism.


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