December 05, 2009


India is the largest democratic country of the world. According to Abraham Lincoln “democracy is for the people, of the people and by the people. But in India, this is the game of idiots where citizens choose their leader blindly. India’s population is more then 100 corer, where 20% don’t even know the meaning of democracy and voting. 10% don’t have their voter id and 10 % never given vote to any one, 10% have no interest in politics. That means only 50% casting their votes in reality. Still in the states like UP and Bihar people are casting their votes blindly without even knowing the name of their candidate and party. I have seen it in my own eyes, villagers are asking their village head “kakra ke vote deya ke ba” (to whom should we to cast our vote). In reply their leader showing the symbol to them.

There are people without voter id giving the votes of dead people. It took me 10 year to make my id and at the age of 28 I have given vote fist time and same is the case with my brother also. My sister has never given vote to any one because of no id proof. This is the example of my family what about others God knows better.
1 Where govt. needs more then hundred years to solve a problem like – Kashmir issue.

2 Where 10% population taking only one time meal or living in starvation and their govt. is spending approx 400 corer to keep a terrorist alive.

3 Where a political leader giving his statement addressing to media and huge crowd that “utter bhartiya ko lat mar kar nikalunga” (I will kick out north Indians from Maharashtra). In fact, he did it in reality but no objection from the govt.

4 Where a religious leader has given his statement in presence of the honorable home minister “I won’t sing Bande matram this is against their religion”. NO OBJECTION FROM THE GOVT.

5 Where national game is hockey but no one want to be hockey player. Every one to be a cricketer. The players are living miserably but no help from the govt.

6 Where the citizens respecting their leader like God, but when they are asking for justice, in return they are getting lathi and bullets.
7.Where a chief minister's statement"aam admi apna jab khali kare vikash ke liya".their 20% people cannot afford their basic need like food,clothes & home

8 Where “Taj Mahal” made by Saha Jahan only for his love, is a miracle in the world and their people are killing each other for money.



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