December 13, 2009


As we all know, protecting humanity from the deadly disease "SWINE FLU" is the biggest problem in front of the world. So far Delhi has accounted for 50.7% of India's confirmed H1N1 cases since Dec 3. Total infected H1N1 is 21,929 till Dec 10 & caused deaths 670.
According to this report, the H1N1 cases in Delhi is a serious mater to think for Indian govt. Mostly Delhi is infected, if govt. will not take step against the spread of this deadly disease than day is not far when every state will infected like Delhi. A problem can be solved easily when it is simple but once it gets complicated difficult to handle. I think this increase in H1N1 cases is nothing but the carelessness & poor medical facility of India or some how, our dirty politics. As I am practically experienced the poor medical facility of Delhi. After completing my treatment in SIR Ganga Ram hospital, once I went to a famous govt. hospital of Delhi for check up only. As I have seen the worst condition of patients, nobody is their to attend them. Doctors left the life of patients on the God's hand & the behavior of doctors & staffs equivalent to a Butcher. To see this horrible site, I got fainted & when I came into sense one of the doctor told me" yaha keyo aa gaye, Ganga Ram to best tha" means "why you come here? From Ganga Ram". Now think it seriously, how poor our medical facility is? Even the doctor of the same hospital criticising it, not to talk about others.
In spite of developing our medical facility our Honorable Health Ministers statement that "Ridha Shaikh (the first victim of swine flue in India) has spread this H1N1 to other people". After a lot of controversy he publicly apologised for his statement. My Dear Health Minister for your kind information "Ridha never visited any H1N1 infected foreign country & H1N1 came to India through those people have history to visit of H1N1 infected country. How can you say this without thinking! At last I would like to say that this increase in H1N1 cases in India is the result of poor medical facility provided by Govt Hospitals of India. That's why no one likes to go to the Govt Hospital for treatment & this is another reason for increase in such cases. I think you politicians are indirectly involved behind this deadly condition of common people. So please please improve the medical facility of Govt Hospitals to save our India from "SWINE FLUE".


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