December 06, 2009


“CLIMATE CHANGE "is nothing but the imbalance in Eco system .we all knows, we people are responsible for this problem. It became an unsolved problem in front of the world. the first meeting to save the world form climate change held in Brazil{RIO DE GENERIO}in 1992.approx 20 years after the meeting , nothing can done by us to save the world from its side effect. as the day progresses the condition is going to be waste to see the natural disaster like “TSUNAMI,KATRINA,TYPHOON,RITA,EARTH QUAKE ,FLOODS,LAND SLIDES,FOREST FIRE,MELTING OF Glacier, DROUGHTS,GLOBAL WARMING & INCREASE IN SEA LEVEL. These disasters’ are the results of imbalance in nature. Due to 1-Deforestation, 2-Destroying mountains & digging mines for metals & minerals,3-The experiment of nuclear weapons in sea & on earth surface,4-Population growth 5-Industrial development & pollution by it. God has created this world in balance like plateau region, plain region, water bodies, deserts, mountains, forests, animal, insects & human beings. But we greedy peoples are started to play with the Eco system. The forests & mountains play the most important role in Eco system. As forests prevents floods, soil Erosion, storms, global warming & bring good rain while mountains prevents earth quake, storms & responsible for rain. Knowingly we are destroying the blessing of nature for our benefit & the result is nothing but the destruction of the world. At last I would like to say it is not possible to fight with nature & its calamity till we will not correct our mistakes, which we have done to destroy our natural resources. Not only the Government but every people have to take step to correct the error to start the programs like 1-Afforestation, 2-Preventing soil erosion,3-Reducing pollution,4-Water conservation,5-Using recycle process,6-Using the natural resources like water, air & sunlight for energy. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO DO TO SAVE OUR EARTH FROM THE CALAMITY OF NATURE IS NOT DISTURB THE ECO SYSTEM


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