December 15, 2009


This article is dedicated to"Rahul Gandhi'.Not only me but every Indian think " you are the hope of India & its people.As we Indians already seen the politicians ,their promises & finally their work since our independence.After Gandhi jee,Nehru jee & Shastri jee none of the political leader ever deserved appreciation from public.its proving a good politician is never be a good example of good service.So we people are requesting you, please don't be a politician ,be a good leader of common people.
As we all have seen your work & contribution in recent election,how you brought the game in favor of Congress with your wise leadership quality.This given us a ray of hope that you will do the deference for us & our nation.but recently we heard & seen your statement addressing to the youth of UP that "How to become a good politician & why not the Muslim PM" in also broken the rule to lend your chopper in zero visibility to address the see thsi we started to think that you are also like other politicians.but still hope is their because so far you have done a single mistake. Rahul just see the history of India that ever a good leader like MAHATMA GANDHI & NEHRU JEE .They ever asked such question to the common people .Infect never .So don't break our hope & expect ion of the poor and needy people to act like a political leader.
At last I would like to say your thought are really like good leader & i think you must according to your thought not under the pressure of political party.You are not Rahul ,you are Rahul Gandhi.So follow Gandhism & see the miracle how it will change the life of common people & our country.GO............ON RAHUL GANDHI........


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