December 24, 2009


According to Gandhi ji "A man who wants to be good and good in all circumstances must not hold power". It means a powerful man is never good & one who is good never holds the power. You see the example of Vivek Singh the son of BSP MLA from Sardana,Chnadravan singh. He was arrested due to allegedly open fire in an upscale bar south Delhi on Wednesday. This incidence brought back the memories of Jasica Lal murder. I think such incidence are common in India where a famous or powerful person misuses his power & breaks the law & order openly. Its proving that law & order are only for the common people. In modern era, I never seen a powerful person involved in social service. Now they are become the symbol of corruption. You see most of the politicians are involved corruption as they are in authority.
At last I would like to say God has given us power to serve the humanity not to misuse it. You see the history one who misused his power never been a good end. As example Ravana, Kansha, Duriyodhana, Hitler & now Sadam Hussain. If you want good end you must use your power to serve humanity.


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