December 25, 2009


Through this article I would like to show the reality of Indian cricket & cricketers. At first I am asking a question that "Is film star better than a cricketer". Lets see......
I think every one has seen the participation of film stars in reality show & for charity also. Through the reality show they are searching the talent & giving chance to the common people to perform with them to become a successful star. The example of Azher & Rubina, how their life changed after working in " Slum dog milliner" & another example of some common people like Rakhi samant, Abhijeet samant, Raja, Md Salman,Poonam,Vaishali, etc. How their life changed after participating in the reality show. I think this help is better than charity, which gives a platform to common man to show their talent & get success on the other hand cricketers as well as BCCI never been seen in such initiation to find out the talent from the common people.As BCCI started IPL which is not good for Indian cricket, its only for money. IPL is useless for the youngsters on the other hand BCCI never given any platform to common people to come in the international cricket. You see most of the cricketers are belong to the metro cities. None of the cricketer ever come from village or without source. Being a good fast bowler from my district, I never got a chance to play for my state what to talk about he international. Those cricketers are getting chance, those having good political back ground or source in the state cricket board. It shows the corruption in cricket.
At last I would like to say film stars are better than cricketers & Indian cricket is more corrupted than Bollywood.


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