December 19, 2009


According to a popular saying"money is the root all evil". Now a days every act of human being is money oriented or for publicity. I would like to ask this question to all of you "Is the poster of Haagen-Dazs a publicity stunt? Lets see as you know,recently an international ice-cream brand "Haagen -Dazes "opened his first outlet in south Delhi ,Dec 10.At the eve of grand opening they greeted Indians with a huge poster written that"Access restricted only to holder of international passport". Directly its mean "Indians are not allowed". Intensely can any foreign company dare it in India.As India is the largest market in the world for trading followed by more then 100 million people. Is it possible to sustain for a company in Indian market to allow the foreigners only? Most impotent thing , can Indian Govt allow them to do it? No never.
At last I would like to say this poster is nothing but the publicity stunt to get famous in Indian market. You see later the confession of Anindo Mukherji ,the managing directer of General Mills that"a significant miss communication". I think you all have seen that how at first Bollywood stars are creating controversy in their movie & later confessing their fault for publicity. Like this their trick worked out like a magic & in day they became popular in Indian market. Without any investment they got the publicity & the focus of media. In spit of getting their trick, we Indian are reacting like a emotional fool. Please understand it.


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