December 18, 2009


The controversial statement of Congress MP,Santaram Naik that "An alleged rape pf lady who moves with strangers for days together ,even beyond middle of the night is be treated in different footing."Through this statement he blames victims for rape.Mr Naik I think you may be 1% right & 99% you are focusing the dress concept ,frankness & boldness of modern women which results such crime..Do you ever thought about the poor law & order of India ,which encourages such crime .you know sex related crime are very less in golf country,this is because of their strict law & order which is equal to every one.I think you all have seen the punishment of a rapist of Afghanistan in media "how he killed by the police publicly". To see such punishment no one dares to commit such crime but in India rapist ,murderers,criminals moving freely after committing crime.This is the main resin for such sex related crime .without thinking your such statement to media shows your poor mentality & dirty politics.
The country where women are respected & worshiped as a goddess as well as the president & most powerful political leader is a lady ,their giving such statement equivalent to a crime .I think you need to be punished.
At last I would like to say Govt needs to correct the law & order apart from blaming the victims.Through strict law & order and giving sex education to the children in school ,we can able to control sex related crime. some how women needs to take care regarding their dressing concept & frankness.


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