December 22, 2009


IS OUTSOURCING EFFECTING OUR ECONOMY? I think yes. The outsourcing of MN Cs in India is serious mater to think as our Indian companies are taking the help of MN Cs to grow & our govt also allowing them to trade in India because of the huge money they are getting from them as well as to provide to solve unemployment problem in India. But they forgotten how outsourcing our economy. Due to the 2nd largest populated country in the world , India is the target of every nation to trade. You see, If a company gets only one rupee profit from every Indian then its yearly income is more then 100 million rupees. In this way every year millions of rupees goes to foreign countries & in return we are getting equivalent to nothing. Our companies are inviting them for their growth but the MN Cs are developing so fast as the day progresses.
Lets discus the another resin for permitting the outsourcing that is employment. Its good for Indians that MN Cs are providing jobs to us. But in this way they are outsourcing honest & talented employees to their nation. You see per year thousand of employees sent to the foreign country to work. Our talented employees are working for foreign countries rather then India. How development is possible through outsourcing. Did you ever realized what will happen to Indian companies & the employees when they will finish their collaboration after" looting "India. I think you never realized it because you people are only looking the present & the money behind it.
At last I would like to say " Development never comes from others help, Its comes from our own effort". So in spit of promoting MN Cs to tread in India, Indian companies need to grow itself. If govt will not stop the outsourcing of MN Cs , then day is not far when they will over take our Indian companies & control our economy.


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