December 18, 2009


As we have seen the dawn server & virus attack in CAT (Common admission test), how it effects the no of CAT aspirants life in spite of learning a lesion from this mistake ,again we are going to do a blunder like E-court. Lets discuss the E-court workout pressure ...
1-From filing to a petition to dispersal little or no paper work involved.
2-SMS alert about hearing to advocates & parties
3-Summon notice through e-mail.
4-Evidence, documents digitalized.
I think it is is a good technology. Its an Eco friendly initiative to going paperless & about about speedy Justice. Now which is a need of Indian people but the problem we have faced recently during CAT online exam. This is the main reason to worry, while none of the Indian govt sites are safe from hackers their doing such experiment like CAT exam, in the field of justice is totally foolishness . Think seriously if E-court site will get effected like CAT site then realize what will be the result of such experiment.
At last I would like to say no doubt E-court is a good technology & need of common man but before applying this technology in the field of justice, we need to be 100% sure regarding the safety of E-court site because the failure of online CAT exam effected the CAT aspirants life but the failure of E-court can destroy the law & order of India.


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