December 05, 2009


The waste condition of poor & needy people in India is a part of dirty politics.since our independence unsolved problem of common man indicates clearly our leaders don't want to solve their see the following agendas of our political parties in their election manifesto to solve 1-Electricity problem 2-Unemployment problem,3-Illiteracy problem,4-Child labor problem,5-Safety of women & their development,6-Quality education,7-Inflation problem,8-Removing corruption from society,9-Fighting to terrorism & crime,10- Good law & order 11-Providing better medical facility,12-Good economic condition,13-Disaster management,14-Giving equal rights of living to every one
These issue are still unsolved as example 1-The poor condition of rural area & their people,2-The poor& miserable condition of farmers,3-Illiteracy rate & poor education system 4-Poor medical facility in govt hospital,5-Inflation ,6-Wast law & order,7- No step against terrorism as " no of terrorist attack after 1993 & no attack in U.S.A after 9/11",5-Corruption in each and every sector of of our society,6-The fees of medical ,engineering colleges & management institute which is unfordable to common man ,7-No relief to the victims of natural disaster & terrorist attack as " the victims of Bhopal gas tragedy"& the flood & terrorist attack every year,8- Growth in crime after our independence,9-Still child labor are in every part of our nation .
The waste condition of India proves that our politicians don't want the development of poor people because if they became literate how they will fool them & what will be their agenda for next election.
At last i would like to say please don't play with us & patience for the shake of nation.remember the sacrifices of freedom fighters& the solders how they willingly gave their live for their nation & its people.other wise the day will not far when every common man became a criminal,moist & terrorist & they will play the game of blood in our nation with breaking the law & order to get the justice.
please remember the leaders like Mahatma Gandhi,Nehru jee,Lal bahadur shastri,Subhash chanra boss,Moulana azad,Sardar balav bhai patel ,Bhagat singh etc & their contribution for nation & follow them.


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