December 06, 2009


Drunken driving is equivalent to terrorism .how a terrorist kills innocent peoples willingly just like the drunker kills when he drives after drinking.but in India drunken drivers are charged on the act 279/300 A,this is a bailable in act 279{speed driving} punishment is six month or penalty of rs-1000/- while in act 304 A (DEATH DUE TO CARELESSNESS) punishment is maximum 2 year imprisonment.
According to police department A-Death in 2009 in road accident is 1902,B-Death in 2008 in road accident is 1989,C-road accident in 2009 till Nov is 6386,D-Road accident in 2008 is 7485,5-No of drunken drivers charged in 2009 till Nov is 10542
You see the figure of DRUNKEN DRIVERS in 2009 is 10542 .do you know why it is this is because of our poor law & order .some famous drunken driver cash 1-SANJEEB NANDA CASH:-10 years ago he killed 6 peoples charge drunken driving & punishment is only 1.5 he is moving freely,2-UTSAB VASIN CASH:-In 2008 he killed 2 people by his BMW & his cash is still in coat & out in bail ,3-SIMRAN SODHI CASH:-IN 2009 ,5TH NOV he killed 3 people charge drunken driving ,now he is out in bail
these incidences encourages people for drunken driving.due to such simple punishment for their terrorist like act is the real reason for increase in drunken driving cash .you know every month Delhi people drink 20,000000of bottle alcohol.
according to CAD{campaign against drunken driving} 65% road accidents results due to drunken driving ,every year they kille 1500 no of drunken drivers is 30, action even if to the 1% people by police .
At last I would like to say equivalent to terrorism ,they should be treated like the terrorist then only they understand it & never drive after drinking. GOVT should strict the law against the drunken drivers like capital punishment & cancellation of Driving License for Life Time, because every one's life is precious.


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