December 21, 2009


The famous slogan of India "jai jawan jai kishan" means "farmers & solders are the back bone of India". But the condition of farmers & solders so miserable in India. According to the political parties waving off the farmers loan brighten their future. Do you really think loan waving off is the solution to improve the condition of farmers?. You see ,since the British rule this problem is still their. That time farmers asking to wave off "lagan(tax)" & now to wave off their loan, just see the similarity.
As I belong to Orissa, 60% of its population leaves on farming & I have seen their leaving condition so closely. Only they are farming in the Rainy session & rest of their year sitting like unemployment person. This is because the lake of irrigation system & shortage of water. Now you see a person who works only three month & rest of the month only eats, doing nothing. How can his condition will improve as well as his country. In India 60% farmers using their fields for three month & rest of the month its useless for them. This is the main reason for price hike & scarcity of food products. As the day progressing the inflation increasing day by day.
Now come to another mater, as I have seen some of the farmers never using the loan money for farming. They are wasting the money in personal use. Some how they are also responsible for their miserable condition .
At last I would like to say giving loan & waving off the loan is not the solution to improve the farmers condition because still in many parts of India farmers are using bullocks for ploughing. Now see where we are & what is our development. So Govt should take step to provide them better facilities for farming, like teach them "mixed farming" , providing better seeds & fertilizers, tractors for ploughing with proper irrigation system through out the year. This is the only solution to improve farmers condition & our country as well as the most critical problem "inflation".


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