December 20, 2009


Do you know the most deadly disease in India is "Cancer "not" Swine flue'. Annually its effects up to 8 lakh & kills about 5 lacs but no one or govt ever raised this problem in front of media in spite of Swine flue. So far H1N1 effected 21,929 till Dec & causes deaths 670. The death due to Swine flue is negligible in front of the death in cancer. While the treatment is also so costly in compare to Swine flue. But Indian govt never taken his initiative to solve this problem. Not to talk about the Indian govt , our govt is shameless because they responsible for Cancer. Lets discus what causes Cancer & how can we protect us from it.
(A)-What causes Cancer ?:- 1-Ultra violet & ionizing radiation ,2- Asbestos & tobacco smoke 3- Infection by viruses (liver Cancer from hepatitis B),bacteria(H pylori causes gastric Cancer) & parasites ( Schistosomiasis) causes bladder Cancer 4- Food contamination by toxins 5- Smoking acquire one new gene-mutation for every 15 cigarettes 5-some mutation hit the target for Cancer & trigger disease.
(B) Protection from Cancer:- By quitting smoking cancer risks falls as damaged lungs cell are replaced with healthy cells.
At last I would like to say we can able to save us from this deadly disease by quitting smoking. Don't expect any help from govt because govt getting most of profit by selling tobacco products. Only writing "tobacco causes cancer" on the products , their duty is over.In fact our govt is responsible for Cancer , you see 80% cancer causes due to tobacco products. So "Self help is the best help" by quitting smoking we can fight with deadly Cancer.


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