December 24, 2009


Is Ruchika killed by our poor law & order? I think "yes". Through this article I would like to show the injustice with Ruchika as well as replying to MP Santaram Naik. According to Mr Naik that"women are responsible for sex related crime". You see the example Hariyana IG SPS Rathore who molested Ruchika at Lawn Tennis Association office on Aug 12, 1990 & on Aug 18nth complained resisted with police inquiry find Rathore guilty then begins the harassment, Ruchika expelled from his school & brother arrested in car theft cash. On Dec 29nth 1993 drawn to desperation Ruchika committed suicide & justice came on, Dec 21st 2009 court convicts Rathore gives him 6 month RI & fines him 1000/-. Rathore comes out smilingly and says "he will appeal against rap. Please realize the helplessness of Ruchika. In reality she committed suicide due to delay in justice & poor law & order. Indirectly Rathore killed Ruchika and got the simple punishment of 6 month imprisonment & fine 1000/-.This is the main resin which encourages people to commit such crime.
At last I would like to say Ruchika murder cash proving that the delay in justice & poor law & order responsible for sex related crime not women. So Mr Naik , please think over it, I am right or wrong.


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