December 05, 2009


Is our “ POOR LAW & ORDER” responsible for crime? Yes, it is absolutely correct. Poor law and order of our country is the parent of all crime and terrorism, as a famous proverb “laws are made and meant to be broken”. It suits perfectly in present scenario of our society where laws are only for the common people, not for the infamous and powerful ones. For example, where common people have to pay the penalty for his simple mistakes like smoking, spiting, drinking in public places, on the other hand the famous people who are involved in murder, terrorist attack and corruption are moving freely in our society. Ours is a society where a common man fights throughout his life for justice but not getting it till the end of his life.

Rather then solving the problem of common man, political parties make it an issue for their coming election. When common masses are protesting for justice, they are getting lathi and bullets. The exploitation of common man in every phase of life by the upper grade people and the discrimination by status is the main reason for crime.”Bardast ki bhi had hoti hai” (tolerance has a limit).

The pain, helplessness, exploitation, injustice and poor law and order compel, at many occasions, innocents to become criminals, terrorists or Maoists. According to an old saying “excess of every thing is very bad” and it’s a fact. When pain beats the power of tolerance crime generates automatically. According to Agasiye “if the world did not exist, we did not exist and there would have been no evil”.
At last I would like to say if we want to finish crime from our society, then everyone should be treated like common man & GIVE THEM EQUAL RIGHTS OF LIVING. We should understand it that “laws are not meant to be broken, but to follow and give equal rights to everyone


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