December 15, 2009


'WAR IS SOMETIME NECESSARY "This is the statement of US President Barak Obama at the Noble peace prize world function in Oslo 2009. Now my question is to every one "Is war some time necessary"?No, My dear president war is never necessary to establish peace.war always brings destruction of humanity & the world.If I am wrong, please see the world history war ever given good result or peace its given destruction or nothing.
According to history of India king Ashoka killed many innocent people to become a powerful king of the world but at the end he realized "The victory through sword is not the real victory but winning the hearts of people through love is real victory" because" hatred brings hatred "always.
So killing terrorist is not the solution to terrorism but you are planting the seeds of terrorism.Our motto should be like this "we will finish terrorism from the world".
As i have read a story of a thief "who killed by the villagers for peace but what happen his 5 children became bandit & started to kill people after robe see the result ,the war to establish peace created more complicated situation.while killing the terrorist by drone attack ,you are also killing no of innocent people ,those are never be a part of terrorism.Is this fare to do?please don't plant the seed of hatred in the innocent people's heart otherwise the whole nation will turn to terrorist nation.
At last I would like to say to killing terrorist you are doing the same mistake what the villagers done in the above story. war is never necessary for peace ,peace is only possible through love so treat them with love & see the miracle because" only love can make impossible into possible".


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