December 14, 2009


As we have heard & seen the statement of former Miss World Priyanka Chopra that "Miss World is not like the President of a country ,and people shouldn't expect her to be that ".I am not convince with you Priyanka, being a former miss world you must understand the dignity of this title.We know this nothing for you & you don't care about the expectation & emotion of the common people because you are thinking like celebrity.Just think like an Indian who is representing his nation in front of the world to win Miss World title for his nation.For a true Indian winning such title for his nation is a mater of pride.How you are thinking if every Cricketer,Hockey player ,Tennis player ,Athlete& Boxer will think & say "this win is not like president that every one expect to achieve it" than what will be our future? & what is the need of such activity?
At last I would like to say representing a nation is equivalent to the president .As more then 100 million of people electing a president for the bright future of nation as well as for Miss World contest we people are selecting a candidate to bring the title for our nation.This contest is not only a contest for us but the hope & expectation of 100 million people.when she wins the title, pleases the hearts of 100 million of people & when she loses brakes their hearts.So Priyanka please think like a common people or a true Indian! you will get the answer that"Miss World title is equivalent to the post of president for Indians.


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