December 26, 2009


Now a days celebrities & controversies linked together. I think ,Its a policy to get famous quickly. You see the controversy created by the politicians & film stars to become famous. Its a steal from college days, During our college election , one of the political leader come to me and ask me to fight in the collage election from his party. I told him that nobody knows me how can I win. He told me smilingly create a controversy like fight with your lecturer or friend for publicity. You become famous & known to every one. His statement surprised me. I thought If It is politics then I don't want to be a part of politics. Most of my friends are good business man because they have good political back ground due to participation in active politics on the other hand I faced no of setbacks in business due to my disinterest shown in politics. Finally I realized without political you cannot run a good business. Now come to the point , I think you all heard the statement of singer Mika that "media ka daal roti chalti rahe isleye mai controversy create karta hoo,maina Rakhi ko ek bar kis kiya or media na esa 1000 baar dekhaya." means"I create controversy for media as I kissed Rakhi once but media shown It 1000 times.
At last I would like to say indirectly is also responsible for such controversy by celebrities as well as politicians.Media is always showing their controversies like heroic see result of the famous controversy of Rakih Sawant & Mika how in a day Rakhi became the popular star due to the highlight of media.Without any investment she became the headline of every news channels & news papers.They are creating such controversy because we fool people are showing our interest in it. So please understand their policy.


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