December 18, 2009


Finally after the end of the Copenhagen submit brought the conclusion"Every nation should cut emission to save the world from climate change. Do you think this will help to save us from climate change? lets see..........The only way that can save us that is....
"Save tree to save the world".I think every one know & heard this popular slogan from our childhood days but those who participated in Copenhagen submit they didn't know about this.
I learned in my school days ,how impotent role trees play in Eco system & how through planting trees we can solve the problem like global warming, floods, storms, climate change, increase in sea level, earth quake, droughts & pollution.
According to Copenhagen submit every nation needs to follow ....
(1)-Emission cut for all nation ( 2)-Green house gases must be declined(3)-global temp don't rise beyond 2 degree c by 2050(4)-International verification of domestic mitigation action
Do you think it is possible for us to act on those advice?I would like to discus on the point"global temp don't rise beyond 2degree c till 2050".It is not possible for us to do it till we will not understand the main resin of global worming.
In fact mostly global worming is the result of deforestation & the experiment of nuclear weapons.According to Newton's law"Every action has a opposite reaction".you know how powerful a nuclear weapon is?It can able to destroy a nation & we are experimenting on earth & in sea. Now its reaction is in front of us as Tsunami, storm & earth quake but none of the nation raised this issue in Copenhagen submit.
next about deforestation:-Trees play most impotent role to cooling the environment. The cooling of a tree equivalent to 100 air condition made by us. It also purifies the we know deforestation results floods, global warming, storm, droughts & pollution.Through afforestation we can solve these problem but none discus this topic in submit. Only they blamed each other for carbon emission.
At last I would like to say till we will not stop deforestation & the experiment of nuclear weapons,we cannot get the solution .through planting trees & banning nuclear weapons. we can able to solve the " CLIMATE CHANGE" problem, other wise no one can save us from the calamity nature.


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