December 24, 2009


According to the statement of CM Shila Dhikshit that " I should be nervous ,you are nervous when there is a big event in your family but I am sure we will manage it.....2009 went well ......I am looking forward to 2010". This statement indicates the poor arrangement of common wealth game. which is going to be held on 2010 means next year. I think you heard this old saying " hurry spoils the curry ". Its proving in reality , you see Delhi govt,s promise that before common wealth game low floor buses will replace old buses & Delhi metro will connect every part of Delhi as well as NCR. But no of mishaps in DMRC construction sites & fire in low floor buses rising question on the arrangement for common wealth game. Do you know this mishaps are result of govt pressure to DMRC & TATA company. If you want quality then you have to give them time. You cannot expect quality in short time from any one. Please realize what will be our reputation in front of the world when such incidence will happen during common wealth game.
At last I would like to say one who given his best to his work he never be nervous in any condition. Lets see what hidden in 2010. "Hope for the best" & also prepare for the wost. Because this is not a private function which you will manage it but this is the mater of our nations pride in front of the world.


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