December 10, 2009


Is Liberhn Commission report is drama of political parties? I think every one is watching this drama on media. During the time of Babri masjid demolition 1992, in center the ruling party is congress & BJP IS in Utter Pradesh. Its shows all responsibility goes to central govt for this demolition. This is carelessness of the govt now the central govt as well as Liberhan commission blaming to B.J.P & RSS for this incidence.
Is this fair to say? The secular countries like India where not possible to give solution to such issue. As if they give design in favor of Muslim then they lost Hindu community's vote & if they favor Hindu then they lost Muslim community's votes its clear if they want to rule they have to put this issue as unsolved problem. That means no solution to Ayodhya issue in India. Let’s discuss the issue, who is the real culprit & try to find out the solution with mutual understanding............
We all know, this is the 17nth anniversary of Ayodhya demolition when car sevaks demolished the 400 year old Babri masjid in Ayodhya on 1992, 6th Dec to build the lord RAM temple. In fact the car sevaks are not behind this demolition but our dirty politics which encouraged them to do it. Without any political back up its not a possible task to do. None of Indian people either he belongs to any religion; don’t want to make their own to destroy the others. If it is not fact then I want to ask this question to all of you that “It is about to millions of years ago Lord Ram taken his birth in Ayoodhya & only 17 year ago Ram bhakts were remembered to built ram temple in Ayodhya .i am asking them what they were doing before 17 year, means to say on 1992 they come to know Ayodhya is the birth place of lord Ram."
It’s showing clearly this issue is not a religious belief but a part of our dirty politics. Where political parties don't want solution, they want to use this issue as weapon against their opposition party.
At last i would like to say every one knows, God is one & all religion have same motto & goal. This is nothing but righteousness & non-violence think every one will agree with me "the best solution to this issue is nothing but to make a park, school or a home for poor & needy people in this conflict site. govt should understand it don't play their dirty politics on the name of religion because we people are Indian first then anything else.


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