December 15, 2009


Is Barack Obama deserves the Noble prize for peace? I think answer never come positive. Who is famous in the world as great worrier against terrorism & giving him "Noble peace prize " is nothing but the buttering of other nation.A person who follows peace as way of life ,he only deserves it .
You see the example of Mahatma Gandhi , Nehru jee & Mother Teresa ,Their life is a example of peace & non-violence , through this they done the magic & given us a lesson to obey it.
Now I am asking, what is peace?peace is nothing but the another name of non-violence.violence never brings peace but non-violence can do it.our history is the best see Mahatma Gandhi given freedom to Indians & South Africans through non-violence without killing Britishers.On the other hand see the destructive result of violence in 1st & 2nd world war .God save us from 3rd world war.
At last I would like to say peace is non-violence & non-violence is truth& truth is God.That's why GANDHI JEE told during freedom fight "Truth is the only weapon I have"& through this he converted impossible to possible. only through non-violence we can establish peace as well as finish terrorism from the president Obama needs to follow this rule to finish terrorism & to deserve" Noble peace prize"


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