December 18, 2009


Through this article, I would like to show the mirror to the Delhi Metro (DMRC) .In reality where they are? & what is their progress? .In front of the media their statement that "our motto is make the difference in the lives of million of commuter every day" means " to give problem free ride to every one".Is they providing us problem free ride? as every body has seen how people are traveling in Delhi metro train,no doubt its saves our time & we can able to reach our destination in time & safely.The beautiful and secure infrastructure of metro stations is really attractive to every one.Its like a moon on the sky but according to the old saying "chand maa daag hota hai"means" a black spot in the moon"like this DMRC having a poor management system which needs to be organized .
In fact we people realized Delhi never given us problem free ride. we people are traveling like animals in huge crowd . Some times due to heavy rush its became suffocating to travel in metro & some mishap due to the power failure also a mater to worry.Don't talk about the law & order inside the train every one breaking the rules like a small children breaks his toy. I think you all are familiar with this announcement in metro train"Gents are requested not to sit , the seats reserved for ladies & seiner citizen "& please don't sit on the floor of the train & offer the seat some one need"but no one is following the rules . Its a common sight in metro sitting of young man in the reserved seats like a shameless creature .Old persons & patients traveling without seat & young persons are traveling sleeping on the seats.
So said to DMRC,still they need to correct their mistakes to give us problem free ride in Delhi.
At last I would like to say DMRC should take following steps to organize their management system...
1-No of passengers never exceed the capacity of metro train.
2-Law & order should be strict in metro.
3-People sitting on reserved seats must be fined.
4-Seats should be reserved for gents also.
5-Uninterrupted power supply for metro train.
6-DMRC should keep some security persons inside the metro train to keep the law in order.
If DMRC workout in this sector, no doubt" DMRC IS THE BEST"


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