December 20, 2009


The saturation of Indian business industries in the world market is nothing but due to our old tradition which our new generation following. As example "A person purchased a lend or company by his hard earn money & their children started to fight with each other for the owner ship , results the partisan of the property. They don't believe to make their own or to work unitedly for the growth."This tradition of India, which stops the growth of people as well as nation. You see the great example of "Reliance Industry". How Late Dhiru Bhai Ambani established Reliance along with his partners & became the most developed industry in India. Other nations started to know India through Reliance group. But what happened after his death? we all know better. Ambani brothers started to fight with each other for ownership, It results the partisan of a big company in to two parts. After getting their sear still they were fighting with each other. At last Indian govt interrupted in their fight & advised them to stop fighting for the development of nation then they finished their drama . Is this the nature of human being? We all know " Unity is strength"& diversity destroy us but why are we fighting? Please understand the power of unity.
At last I would like to say if Indian industries want to grow, they have to work unitedly for the development of their company as well as the nation. If they will break the old tradition with mutual understanding , than that day is not far when Indian companies will set up their different branches in foreign country like USA, UK, CHINA, USSR, AFRICA & AUSTRALIA. So please don't fight with each other, understand the power of unity. The unity we are lacking that's why we are backward. Unitedly we become the most powerful & developed nation in the world.


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