December 21, 2009


According to the statement of Chief IPL commissioner Lalit Modi that" Bollywood stars are here to stay .....Its all about bringing more glamour in cricket."I am asking this question to all of you that is cricket the game of glamour or nations pride? I think our answer must be come, its the game of pride for nation. Mr Modi do you ever understand it, the spots man are representing their nation in front of the world than how its became game of glamour ? Please think it over, I am right or wrong.
In reality cricket is the another name glamour , I think no need of extra glamour in it. The film stars are not their for glamorizing cricket but only for publicity & money. Mr Modi you are missing greatly to think like this. You see the poor performance of Indian players in IPL, This is the example of poor future of Indian cricket . As film stars are acting for money & publicity ,cricketers also playing for money not for nation & they started to think that if they will not succeed as a cricketer then they will try in Bollywood. You see the example of " Vinod kambli, Ajay Jedeja ,Salil Ankola, Irfan Pathan & now Sreesanth is intreased in it. Now a days some of the famose player showing their intreset in reality shows also like Sehwag , Harbhajan Singh, Yousuf pathan , Irfan pathan etc . As a mater of fact "cricket & acting "they are not made for each other because a cricketer plays for his nations pride & an actor acts for money & publicity. The interest of film stars in cricket is only for publicity as cricket is the most popular game in India & cricketers are respected as God in India, so easiest way to get popularity to connect with cricket. it will bring them popularity & popularity always brings money, this is their main motto.
At last I would like to say Bollywood connection with cricket is the sign of poor future of Indian cricket. As you have seen already, none of the indian crickters performed well in IPL. This due to the Bollywood influence. So for the better future BCCI needs to take step to keep the Boolywood out of cricket other wise the day is not far when every cricketer will dance & fight like Sreesanth in cricket field.


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