December 11, 2009


With include in another agenda in Indian politics given another chance to Indian people to protest in road. May be the time is not so far when people were address us "the country of agendas- India". Followed by no of agendas like 26/11 agenda, Ayodhya agenda etc. now the turn for separate Telangana agenda. Lets discuss it, apart from this what can do? Because every agenda is the part of politics & not giving solution to every agenda is also the great politics. But I think this issue will solve soon as our govt already did it, twice to separate states like Jharkhand from Bihar, Chatisgarh from Madhy pradesh & now the turn for Telangana from Adhra Pradesh.
As we all know already 93 MLA'S, 5 MP'S given their resignation behind this agenda. 53 from Congress, 29 from TDP & 11 from PRP. Now its a matter to save the thorn for govt so no doubt the result will bound to come any how. If Congress want to be in power than in every condition they have to give them separate state so don't worry, be happy, you people demanding separation soon you will get the solution. As you have seen already the example of Jharkhand & Chatisgarh. How quickly govt has given solution.
At last I would like to say day will not far when our political parties will divide our nation into thousand of states behind their dirty politics & save their thorn to see this separation, people belonging to every caste, creed & religion will demand for separate state may be separate nation like Pakistan. In this way India will disappear from world.
So its request of mine with bowing my head please don't go for separation, its dirty politics as "divide & rule ". Understand the power of unity. If we get united breaking the barrier of caste, creed & religion nobody has the power to separate us. Because 'unity is strength".


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